Friday, December 28, 2018

This is the Imperial "Occupier" from Rogue One.  Imperial Terrain offers this model.  It is 3D printed.  It offered some challenges as far as painting goes due to the print lines and the details of the kit.  That being said, it is a wonderful model, and with a little imagination can be painted up very nicely.

My approach to the print lines was to simply leave them.  They reminded me of the zimmerit the Germans placed on their tanks in WWII.  This coating prevented magnetic mines from being placed on the tank.  This made sense, since the Empire was under constant attack from the Rebels on Jedha.

So here is the finished Occupier.  The side guns are magnetized and can be moved during gameplay or removed and stored for transportation.

The driver and commander were purchased from Skull Forge Studios.

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